Cognitive Processing Therapy is an adaptation of standard cognitive behavioral therapy practices and has been shown to be successful in helping people cope with some of the worst traumas that humans can be faced with. Issues stemming from sexual and personal violence, traumatic accidents, distress caused by military service and more can all be helped through this method. CPT has become the preferred treatment method for Veteran’s Administration hospitals, and it has earned the “Strong Research Support” label from the American Psychological Association’s Division 12 Task Force on Research Supported Treatments. For helping everything from non-diagnosed trauma-issues to clinical PTSD, this method has been well researched and validated. From my own experience and expertise, I consider it to be consistent with the most modern understanding of how the brain deals with traumatic experiences.

Cognitive Processing Therapy was created by professional therapists who originally worked with a lot of sexual violence survivors. It is now a widely-recognized and vital tool for therapists seeking to help their clients overcome the lingering effects of any manner of violent and traumatic experiences.

If you are struggling with the aftermath of trauma, please reach out for help from a professional therapist. I would be happy to arrange a free initial consultation and sit down with you in my Boulder, Colorado office to discuss how cognitive processing therapy—or a number of other psychotherapy approaches—can help you overcome the trauma in your past and unlock a brighter future.

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