We offer compassionate and effective therapy for older adolescents and adults. We believe that therapy is a highly collaborative process and enjoy engaging each person within the context of his or her own priorities and needs. Therapy is not always easy – sometimes it is hard to change, even if we don’t like the way things are going – but we commit to working hard alongside each person we work with to find the lasting and meaningful changes that therapy can offer.

Therapy can have many helpful components. Sometimes, learning new information can be important and empowering. Often, part of our therapeutic work is to discover the important motivations that drive behaviors to become repeating patterns in our lives. In some cases, the work of a therapist is to gently confront you with difficult truths. In all cases, the job of a therapist is to support you as a person and your therapeutic work steadfastly and with confidence in your own wisdom and strength. Whether we are doing the difficult work of healing after a traumatic experience, the exploration of career focusing, or the discovery and transformation of personal goals for change and growth, therapy is a place to be heard in a deep and meaningful way.

As a doctoral-level provider, Dr. Friedman TeBockhorst has years of experience and training devoted to helping you unravel the knots in your life effectively to support your positive transitions and personal growth. With her specialized background, Ms. Leach has extensive background in specific therapeutic approaches designed to maximize the benefit you receive from your investment in therapy. We look forward to learning more about you and your needs.

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