Counseling Services In Boulder Help College Students Balance Stress

Excess stress alters your natural balance, draining your brain from the energy it needs to concentrate and take action. Stress can be triggered externally by situations like a breakup or poor grades, or internally by placing high expectations on yourself. Here at the Metis Center for Psychological Services in Boulder, CO, our counseling services help college students balance stress and mental health.

How To Reduce & Manage Your Stress

  • Time Management: A huge part in managing your stress as a college student is practicing good time management skills. You’ll want to learn how to manage your responsibilities both in school and out of school, accomplish goals, and still have time for rest, relaxation, and some fun.
  • Avoid Procrastination: We know that it’s easy to put something off until the last minute, and some people even work well under pressure, but this can also create more physical and mental stress than staying on top of your responsibilities and assignments. Remember, procrastination can affect a lot of different parts of your daily life, such as your quality of sleep, your mood, and the quality of your work.
  • Make Time For Exercise: Stress generates a lot of negative energy and exercise helps you burn off this energy.
  • Limit Stimulants Like Caffeine: Caffeine and other stimulants can actually elevate the stress response in your body, making things worse rather than better.

If you’re one of the many college students who have difficulty balancing stress and keeping it under control, please consider our counseling services in Boulder, CO. We have many techniques to help you reduce and manage your stress levels.