Introduction to Mindfulness Group

I would like to invite you to join me, Dr. Friedman TeBockhorst, for an hour-long introduction to mindfulness experience. This introduction will provide you with a solid overview of what mindfulness is as well as give you information on upcoming opportunities to put mindfulness into practice via effective exercises in a group setting.


Why Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness will help you to focus your attention on the present moment in a way that is non-judgmental. This method can help you to find acceptance of your current experiences and gain an appreciation for your awareness of every moment. Mindfulness can be an effective, complementary addition to any cognitive behavioral therapy.

The modern society we live in encourages mindless, habitual behavior. We are pressured by time and other forces to ignore our internal experiences. This serves to sever our connection with our inner selves, making it very difficult to affect healthy, lasting change in our lives. Instead, we’re constantly focused on external sources of temporary pleasure. A poet would say you need to “stop and smell the roses.” As a therapist, I encourage you to explore the benefits of mindfulness in your life to overcome the cultural pressures you face.

Through mindfulness exercises, you can empower yourself to make positive, healthy changes in your behavior and attitude in order to reach a habitual self-awareness. You can improve your sense of connection to others and your connection to your inner self. I offer an affordable one-hour group session in my office in Boulder, Colorado as an easy way to bring yourself into the idea of practicing mindfulness. The cost is $15 per person and we do require a non-refundable payment to be made in order to save your spot in the group. The group will be limited to six people, so reserve as early as possible!

To save your space today, call (720) 387-8458.