Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO, located in Boulder County is home to the University of Colorado, a renowned University that sits on a beautiful campus. Located where the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains meet, Boulder sits near the Flatirons. Home to almost 100,000 people Boulder is consistently growing as is the rest of Colorado. Boulder became a desired destination for hippies during the 1960s and continues to have this reputation as a progressive area to live in. Boulder is home to a large majority of students because of the University, but there are many families who also reside in the area. The people are very welcoming and enjoy spending time outdoors. There is so much to do in Boulder as well, from hiking, delicious coffee shops, thrift store shopping, and a thriving arts and entertainment area. If you are a resident in the Boulder area you also have access to a great psychological service, Metis Center For Psychological Services.

Why Choose Metis Center For Psychological Services?

We are a psychotherapy and counseling center, which means if you need to find someone to talk to about anything you may be struggling with we can assist you. You don’t have to go through a difficult situation alone, we’re here to help. There is a certain stigma associated with talking to a psychologist about any problems you might be facing, but you shouldn’t feel afraid to talk to someone. As a licensed and practicing psychologist, our specialty is adults, adolescents, and young adults facing any number of problems. No matter where you’re located in the Boulder area it’s just an easy drive to our office. Life can be overwhelming and difficult at times, which is why psychology is so helpful to guide you through a tough time. We offer many therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (eye movement), and mindfulness based psychotherapy. To visit our Boulder location, call

(720) 387-8458.