1. Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist – Part Two

    In Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist - Part One, we went over two signs that your teenager needs to see a therapist. We’ll be continuing to explore therapy for teenagers and why it’s essential for you to pay attention to your child’s behavior to determine whether they need to see a therapist. Therapy can not only help your child cope with any angst they may be going through, but i…Read More

  2. Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist – Part One

    We’ve all been a teenager at one time or another. When you’re a teenager, you’re struggling with your identity and finding a place for yourself in the world. Most teenagers think it’s the end of the world when any little thing happens. Some teenagers have rapid mood swings and can be more irritable than the happy little girl or boy you helped raise. It can be difficult to tell when your te…Read More

  3. Benefits Of Going To Therapy – Part Two

    In our previous post, Benefits To Going To Therapy - Part One, we discussed the benefits of going to therapy. In our last blog, we discussed how therapy can help you overcome your symptoms and how you can sort through your past feelings. Therapy can be scary if you aren’t comfortable talking to people about your past, but in the long run, it will help you work through issues that you don’t wan…Read More

  4. Benefits Of Going To Therapy – Part One

    Do you know the benefits of therapy? It can be daunting to decide to go to therapy because of the many things you end up facing. If you’ve experienced traumatizing events in your past, it can be scary to face the event and your fears in therapy, but in the long run you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes people have the idea that therapy is for the weak, but in reality, it takes a very strong person…Read More

  5. Manage Your Triggers With Success

    Movies, words, songs, the news, a time of year, TV shows, books, the school environment, stress, the way someone is looking at you, and even certain clothing can all be triggers to throw you back into a moment or multiple moments you’d rather forget. Certain triggers can occur for anyone who has experienced a trauma in his or her life. If you’ve been to war, sexually assaulted, abused, or have…Read More

  6. What You Should Know About Depression

    You’re tired all the time and you don’t know why. You’re irritable all the time and you wish you weren’t. You are having dark thoughts about hurting yourself and you don’t know what to do. Depression can be a very scary and overwhelming disorder. In our society, people try to avoid talking about it because of the dark connotations. The Metis Center, a facility for psychological services,…Read More

  7. How To Deal After College Part Two

    In a previous blog, we addressed life post-college and how to overcome post-college depression. At Metis Center, we want to carry on with part two of How To Deal After College to remind you that life goes on no matter how much you wish you could be 20 years old again. At the Metis Center, located in Boulder, CO, we concentrate on helping young adults and adults during difficult times with therapy.…Read More

  8. How To Deal After College Part One

    Graduating college is a bittersweet time. You are finally opening your eyes to the real world. While in college, you were slowly introduced to being an adult and taking care of yourself, but now as you search for that job you love, you try cooking your own meals, and you talk to your cat because you’re so lonely, you figure out that adulthood isn’t everything you thought it would be. At Metis …Read More

  9. Psychologists Suggest Setting Boundaries To Manage Stress

    It isn’t always easy to set boundaries for yourself. Letting people know where your limits and needs are can be stressful in itself, especially for people who aren’t used to it. However, the end result is always well worth it, giving you relationships that involve greater levels of mutual respect and meet the needs of all parties involved, thus reducing everyone’s levels of stress. As a trus…Read More

  10. Self-care Advice From Your Boulder Psychologist

    Self-care is absolutely necessary for your success and effectiveness in honoring your personal and professional commitments. Self-care can be many things, but it should always make you a healthier person. As a trusted and safe source of counseling in Boulder, CO, we see quite a few people who fail to put effort into themselves and practice self-care because they’re putting all of their effort in…Read More