1. Celebrate National Wellness Week

    We’re happy to tell you that this week is National Wellness Week! So what is wellness and why does it need an entire week? We’ll be getting into that shortly, but before we get started, we’d like to address the importance of mental health. While therapy can be one form of ‘treatment’ for mental health, it’s vital that you do everything you can to take care of yourself. Just like the fa…Read More

  2. How To Get Out Of A Funk

    The summer is getting hotter and hotter every week and instead of getting out of the house or the office, you can barely move from your bed. The Colorado sun may be high in the sky most days, but all you want to do is lay in bed and stare at a wall. While you know you don’t have depression, sometimes, you feel that there must be something wrong with you that you can’t find the energy to get up…Read More

  3. Please Join Us: Trauma-Informed Yoga

    Trauma-Informed Yoga 4-week series Thursdays in June and August 2018 4:30 - 6:00pm $75 for the series OR $20 drop-in per class Click here and here to learn more about Why Yoga for Trauma? No prior experience necessary. Email Caroline@MetisCenter.net if you are interested! Yoga restores the natural rhythm of our nervous system, which is disrupted by trauma. Yoga teaches us how to self-regulate and…Read More

  4. A New Type Of Therapy To Try

    If you’ve never gone to therapy before, then you might feel overwhelmed by the many different approaches you can take advantage of. Even if you’ve been going to therapy for some time, it can be very difficult to determine what’s the right type of therapeutic approach you should take. There’s cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement, cognitive processing therapy, and so many others that c…Read More

  5. Combat Your Anxiety In 2018

    Anxiety is something that millions of Americans struggle with everyday. If you’re one of those Americans, then you know how terrible it is to have this possibly debilitating disorder. Whether you have anxiety due to panicky spiraling or you have social anxiety, our counseling services can help you tackle the issues you may be dealing with. At the Metis Center For Psychological Services, we have …Read More

  6. Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy For You?

    Going to a therapist can be both a liberating and a scary endeavor. You might have to explore subjects you don’t want to talk about and you might feel uncomfortable going over your past. However, therapy allows you to focus on specific events that have caused you to feel hurt. With therapy, you can begin to focus on healing and how you can feel content again. At the Metis Center For Psychologica…Read More

  7. Can Couples Therapy Help You?

    You love your partner more than you’ve ever loved anyone else, but you find that recently you’re having some problems. It started off as arguments that seemed to escalate quicker and quicker. Then, it began to manifest itself in the form of avoiding big issues and an increase in emotional avoidance. Finally, the communication between the two of you has decreased and you spend more nights feeli…Read More

  8. How To Manage Anxiety

    Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of different ways. From muscle tension to indigestion, anxiety is something that comes in various forms. Anxiety is characterized as, “a feeling of worry, anxiety, or fear that is strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.” There is a fine line between feeling worried about the little things in life to feeling crippled by that worry. For exa…Read More

  9. Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist – Part Two

    In Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist - Part One, we went over two signs that your teenager needs to see a therapist. We’ll be continuing to explore therapy for teenagers and why it’s essential for you to pay attention to your child’s behavior to determine whether they need to see a therapist. Therapy can not only help your child cope with any angst they may be going through, but i…Read More

  10. Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Therapist – Part One

    We’ve all been a teenager at one time or another. When you’re a teenager, you’re struggling with your identity and finding a place for yourself in the world. Most teenagers think it’s the end of the world when any little thing happens. Some teenagers have rapid mood swings and can be more irritable than the happy little girl or boy you helped raise. It can be difficult to tell when your te…Read More